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  • The best leaders are not interested in who is right, but
    what is right

    “Identifying and attracting leaders requires a thorough understanding of different industries and functions, and a keen sense of the right ‘fit’ of objectives, people and culture,” says Graeme Sandri, director of SandriWalsh. The right executive can make or break your business. “I know how high the stakes are for your business. I can help you find the right leaders and increase the performance of your business.”

    Graeme Sandri, Director
  • New Zealand – a great place for entrepreneurship

    “In the 2013 Doing Business report, the World Bank ranked New Zealand number one in the world for ‘Starting a business’. Tony Walsh, director of SandriWalsh, knows what it takes to attract leaders with the drive and determination to start a business or grow a business. “I can help you search the best of New Zealand (and the world) to find the right directors and a chief executive to create that vision, and a senior leadership team that can bring that vision to life and deliver results.”

    Tony Walsh, Director




The quality of a company’s board is an important evaluation factor
for success


The quality of a company’s board is an important evaluation factor for success

Balancing short-term pressures and longer-term considerations, stakeholder interests and a company’s own requirements is no easy task. Our clients are looking for directors with entrepreneurial drive, balanced with a prudent perspective to monitor progress and manage risks.

We need directors to provide leadership, strategy and direction to some of New Zealand’s most dynamic businesses. Talk to us about what’s right for you.



Leadership is about inspiring the team to achieve more than they could as individuals


Leadership is about inspiring the team to achieve more than they could as individuals

Finding those leaders is what we do. The leaders who dream big and deliver results. Leaders with a track record for success built on hard work and team effort. They’re busy getting on with what they do, not necessarily looking for their next move. That’s where we come in – we find them, we inspire them and get them excited about you.

Talk to us about finding (and developing) your next top leaders.



To win, you have to believe you can do it


To win, you have to believe you can do it

In a forest of trees, there are mighty Totara’s out there. Our job is to help you find them. A CEO has to be a leader, not a pied piper. Entrepreneurs are pied pipers. They play seductive melodies and entice people into following them. Leadership is different. It calls for keeping a watchful eye on the business and making sure everyone understands what must get done. And creating a sense of urgency about that.

We can help you find that special CEO that can problem solve and see around corners - that is, to recognise well in advance what has to be done for the good of the business - so that the company is always leading the industry rather than trying to catch up. And no CEO can do this alone – it takes a committed leadership team. We can find the right team to drive change.



Help where you most need it


Help where you most need it

We can help you deploy interim management leadership or consulting specialists to effect your most critical change and transformation business initiatives

We often find our clients use this staffing strategy for high impact and flexibility.



Chief Executive


Diabetes NZ is a representative body, passionate about its membership base. This opportunity presents for a professional who exhibits that same passion, alongside an inherent empathy for those members. These traits are simply non-negotiable.

Alongside the “standard” expectations of delivery we have of a highly competent Chief Executive, there are two quite critical areas of focus.

  • Implementing the Boards imperative of commercial and financial independence.
  • Elevate the standing of Diabetes NZ, across the Health and broader community, to be the central “go to” agency in relation to Diabetes, and the representative “voice” for this community.

The greatest benefit you will gain is the knowledge that your contribution can make a genuinely positive difference to the well-being of potentially, hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders.


GM Business Development


This is one of the few organisations of its kind in New Zealand for a number of reasons, while also holding a rare place in the global market with their highly specialised expertise.

As an outstanding Business Development professional, you will be pleased to know that your success will be fundamentally measured on outcomes.

You will be entirely comfortable operating from Board/CEO level, to day–to-day management, as required. Given the opportunity to develop and drive the Business Development strategy, you will have the latitude to apply that same strategic capability in maximizing key customer relationships.

Offered, is a significant role as part of a high performing Senior Management Team. You will employ a hands-on approach, leading from the front but with the backing of a substantial and highly skilled service delivery division. 


Chief Medical Officer


The Ministry of Health is the entity responsible for clinical leadership and advice to the health and disability system. Holding this substantial position of responsibility, you will lead the delivery of this outcome, and advise the Ministry and health and disability system regarding how to optimise the contribution of clinicians to Government objectives and the health and independence of New Zealanders.  
This role reports to the Director-General of Health and, as a member of the Executive Leadership team, confirms that you will be expected to make proactive strategic contribution by working across the health and disability system and the Ministry's business units and outputs.
Providing future-state clinical leadership and direction of the highest quality; ensuring the Ministry is a key player in the provision of excellent clinical advice; and a trusted advisor to the Government are baseline expectations for the Chief Medical Officer. 
Alongside the Chief Nursing Officer, you will develop a highly effective advisory board on clinical matters, for the Director-General.
This role will also work closely with the Chief Strategy & Policy Officer, the Chief Client Officer and the Chief Technology & Digital Services Officer to provide collective advice to the Director-General of Health on the impact of new technology and digital services on the health & disability system.
The professional background sought for this role will include having experience as a senior medical practitioner with relevant postgraduate qualifications, with a nationally or internationally respected profile within the medical profession.  You will bring extensive professional knowledge of national and international health policy issues as well as demonstrated knowledge and appreciation of the importance of clinical leadership within the health and disability system.
You must be vocationally registered with the New Zealand Medical Council or able to attain such registration.


Chief Client Officer


As the “voice of the client” and developing the “one source of truth,” you will have accountability for client data and insights with a focus on client needs and outcomes, ensuring that the Ministry of Health’s clients, especially the ultimate clients of the health and disability system, are front of mind in all that the Ministry does.
The Ministry has a broad and diverse array of client groups/segments, all equally and critically important. The organisation is determined to further develop intimate understanding of the needs of these stakeholders.
Reporting to the Director-General of Health, this new Leadership role will provide strategic and functional leadership for client insight, evaluating the outcomes, and ongoing needs, of health and disability services.
You will lead continuous, invaluable client insights that will form a basis for the ongoing development of strategy and policy aimed at continually enhancing clients’ experience and outcomes across all services.

You will have:

  • Led the utilisation of research and insights as they pertain to clients.
  • Leadership of large-scale, multi-function client insight functions, and the design of client experience capabilities that have tangibly and measurably enhanced the client experience.
  • Demonstrated success in contributing at a strategic level to a strong cohesive client-focused executive team that operates as one.


Principal Advisor - Strategy


This newly developed role has a broad mandate to research and then develop insights that will create broader understanding and actionable policy for the organisation to act upon.

The subject matter is far reaching, but with an undoubted impact on the broader environmental environment across New Zealand. As a result, you will be at the front end of key issues and opportunities for change that can come from the outcomes you deliver. 

The role will appeal to a professional who has a broad aspect in their “view of the world.” This may have been developed from a background in economics or similar, seeing the wider implications of scenarios and creating tangible insights from that comprehension.


Manager - Practice and Policy


As part of a broad remit, The Pharmaceutical Society plays a central, critical role in providing both clinical and regulatory leadership and advice to Pharmacy, and aligned stakeholders.

You are the primary repository and conduit of this crucial advice and insight, which has been performed most effectively by the incumbent. His contribution has been recognised by appointment to the Australian equivalent.

In order to be effective and successful, you will have:

  • Formal tertiary qualifications in Pharmacy or a directly related discipline. This is mandatory and ideally will be complemented with a business or public policy post-grad qualification
  • Proven research background and capability, providing the requisite insights emanating from such research. Proactivity is a genuine expectation in relation to this competency.
  • Confident and effective communication, with the ability to represent the Society/Sector across a breadth of forums, including governmental, legislative, technical and media
  • Superior relationship management skills in enhancing strong relationships that have been developed across the various stakeholder groups.


Research Team Leader - 'Better Buildings'


While not needing to be a subject matter expert, you will possess superior leadership skills, coaching and mentoring individuals and teams to deliver high performance outcomes, alongside the genuine ability to contribute at a "strategic" level.

The core purpose of this position is to lead a team of highly skilled and qualified researchers/subject matter experts that contribute to the delivery of this highly respected organisations 'industry good research' and knowledge dissemination activities.


Chief Financial Officer


With proven and successful experience as CFO of a publicly listed company, you will inspire confidence with the Board, CEO and your Senior Leadership peers. Fundamentally this will be evidenced through your achievements and provision of valued advice as a commercially astute senior finance professional who innately understands and contributes to, both organisational and market imperatives.

Your leadership skills ensure that you "take people with you," as you proactively develop systems and processes that deliver results exceeding the expectations of your internal and external customers and “stakeholders.”  With the NZX embarking on a comprehensive review of its business and market strategy, you must have the confidence, drive and desire to actively lead and collaborate on this initiative.

Overseeing the development of NZX’s financial strategy and business plans is an integral function, ensuring that they are robust and practicable, with the structures and measurements in place to meet requisite obligations. 

CA qualification and understanding how capital, risk and commodity markets work is required. Ideally you will have a background in the Financial Services sector, but critically, you must have experience as a CFO (or equivalent) in a large and complex commercial organisation, having worked closely and effectively with a CEO, and as a trusted advisor to the Board.

Applications close 5pm 11th August 2017.


Executive Director


This is an exciting new role within Freemasons NZ, a 125 year old membership based organisation that is determined to maintain its core tradition and values, while seeking improved alignment to modern New Zealand society, for which it can and will play such a positively influential role in the lives of so many.
Freemasons NZ has a large footprint across New Zealand that is measured by over 6500 members and 224 physical sites, and delivers to its membership fellowship, benevolence, self-development, life balance and family support.
The Executive Director role has been created to give a focus to the organisation that delivers a robustness of operation, while exploring strategic change and delivery so that Freemasons NZ maintains a relevance to a greater audience, and hence grows the quantity and quality of its membership.
This is a role that has a wide brief covering all operational facets of the business, and hence a knowledge and understanding of finance & legal, marketing & communications, human resources and operations support is important. A commercial mind-set would be of undoubted benefit.

This opportunity will utilise your proven experience in organisational management, but in also leading a team required to deliver a reinvigorated vision and purpose. Critical to this role will be the ability to work with numerous senior stakeholders in the wider business, particularly those on the Board, and key stakeholders within the New Zealand wide regional membership base.


  • You will be recognised as an exceptional relationship manager with a track record of strong stakeholder engagement both internally and externally, plus experience in business development
  • You will have experience operating in a senior management role in a complex non-for-profit organisation, including a focus on membership growth strategies via retention, reactivation and acquisition.
  • You will have a strong commercial ethic and be able to demonstrate highly developed interpersonal, communication and presentation skills

A tertiary qualification relevant in membership, marketing and communications or a business-related field is preferred. 


Auckland Manager - Reinforcing & Wire Products


Proven, outstanding leadership in a production environment and delivering to, or exceeding customer expectations, is non-negotiable. Substantial investment in plant and machinery will arm you with the "tools" to achieve outcomes in the greater Auckland market, one that is at the core of both present and future growth for the company. 
As a high performing professional, you will lead an experienced team to maximise operational capability and drive market growth/superior customer delivery.
Reporting to the National Manager, Reinforcing & Wire, you will have relevant industry/sector background, in steel and/or aligned construction environments. Experience managing sub-contractors on major construction sites, would be highly advantageous.



Team Talk

Chief Executive


Chief Executive

SandriWalsh worked exclusively with the TeamTalk Chair and Board to identify quality candidates for this critical role, resulting in the appointment of Andrew Miller to the position.

Pharmacy Guild
of New Zealand

Chief Executive

Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand

Chief Executive

SandriWalsh were appointed the exclusive search agents for this critical assignment.  Advocacy for the members was a key focus for this critical role, resulting in the appointment of Andrew Gauldin to the position.

New Zealand
Racing Board

Executive Leadership Team

New Zealand Racing Board

Executive Leadership Team

With the appointment of John Allen as CEO in March 2015, SandriWalsh were appointment to work exclusively with John to identify and appoint a number of his new senior leadership team.  In all, five critical General Manager positions (Customer, Services, Finance, People and Broadcasting) were appointed through our process.

of Health

Executive Leadership Team

Ministry of Health

Executive Leadership Team

The Ministry embarked on a transformational journey that would see them step up and work more closely with the health and disability sector.  To lead through the transformational change required, the Director-General appointed SandriWalsh to work exclusively with him to identify a strong, highly effective Executive team, with the right accountabilities, capabilities and mind-set, that opts into the challenge of creating sustainable change.  We are proud of the work undertaken both nationally and internationally to help identify and appoint eight new Tier 2 positions. 


Executive Leadership Team

The CEO requested SandriWalsh to assist in the identification of appropriate leadership talent that will assist her in implementing a new organisational strategy, assist in realigning and enhancing BRANZ’s capability, and significantly contribute to the achievement of both organisational and industry goals. Roles successfully recruited were General Manager Corporate Services, General Manager Industry Research, General Manager Corporate Services and Human Resources Manager.

Commerce Commission

General Manager Competition

This role had substantial breadth in terms of subject matter and market(s) involvement, across New Zealand. It involved the management of two key areas, those being Competition and Consumer, at all levels and in all markets. With a responsibility for a team of 90 across a number of key disciplines, including Legal, Economics, Investigation and Advocacy it required a leader with a proven capability across multi-discipline teams. Given the person will be developing, managing and further developing relationships with key stakeholders, this knowledge was required in terms of credibility, both external and internal. Through our search process, we were pleased to be able to identify Antonia Horrocks, a New Zealander based in London, to agree to come back to New Zealand to take up the role.

NZ Rugby

Chief Financial Officer

Within an organisation at the core of 'NZ Inc,' this rare opportunity was presented for SandriWalsh to identify  a highly qualified CFO to work closely with the CEO and be expected to take a critical leadership role across the Senior Management Group in a complex commercial organisation. Through a thorough search process, we were thrilled to assist with the appointment of Nicky Nicol who returned to New Zealand after a long period of time in Australia with BP.

Industry Training

Chief Executive

The Industry Training Federation (ITF) represents all of New Zealand's Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) and provides the collective voice of sectors' and industries' vocational education and training needs. The role of CEO was to advise and provide “intelligence” to the Council/Board re what is happening at the highest levels so that they are aware of the impacts on their businesses and are able to formulate strategy relevant to their sectors. Another key part of the role is to feed opportunities to the CEO’s of the various ITO's, requiring them to have a strong level of confidence in the CEO and the credibility of the information supplied, as it will often have a significant bearing on their own decision-making.  Josh Williams was appointed to the role.

FairWay Resolution

General Manager Strategy & Finance

'Unique' is a word that genuinely applies to Fairway Resolution, given that they are one of the few organisations of their kind in New Zealand, that also holds a rare place in the global market with a highly specialised area of expertise.  Having restructured for the future and having strategies in place in order to achieve their goals they recognised that strategy is an ever evolving business foundation and this role will have responsibility for ensuring their organisational strategies are constantly revisited, changed and developed in order to retain their market place effectiveness and achieve growth targets.  Murray Pugh was appointed to the role following our search process.  Murray bought the right mixture of skills to this role which included his time with NZ Post, as CEO of Stephenson & Turner Architects.

Department of Corrections

Director Property

Steel & Tube
Holdings Ltd

General Manager Infrastructure

Accident Compensation Corporation

Head of Provider Service Delivery


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We are an executive search and recruitment consultancy, specialising at the top end of the market. With Graeme and Tony having a combined fifty plus years of experience, we have been instrumental in helping hundreds of New Zealand clients build leadership capability.

We are part of the Taplow Group - an International Executive Search and Human Capital Company with 120+ Consultants in 28 International Locations around the world.

We build long term relationships with our clients. We’re in it for the long haul and we work in partnership with our clients to help them bring their vision to life.

We help raise productivity by finding the right leaders to help businesses like yours grow and thrive. Talk to us and together we’ll find what’s right for you.